✔ Shikaote – Fury Warrior “Epic Bursts, No Armor Duels” PVP WoW MoP 2012 World of Warcraft

Shikaote Fury Warrior – I put this short burst video together to show a little skillage with some commentary. I think I’ll make more video’s that are shorter. Even I get tired of watching video’s that are like ten minutes long. I actually use to make a bunch of shorter video’s, then people wanted longer videos. I will probably run some full bg video’s, but it’s hard to just show one bg when I’ve got tons of footage! Maybe I’ll just have to make more videos! See you on the battle field! Visit my website for my fury guide and warrior updates for Mists of Pandaria in the World of Warcraft!

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5 Responses to “✔ Shikaote – Fury Warrior “Epic Bursts, No Armor Duels” PVP WoW MoP 2012 World of Warcraft”

  1. pupperman11 says:

    Hey Shikatote remember me when you were lvling we played a bg AB and i freaked when i saw you and i said a challenge who could get most KB 😛

  2. RyethWoW says:

    Paladin – 304k HP, Mage - 312k HP
    Make vids with people with the same gear as yours. (:

  3. chipewa17fires says:

    nice :)

  4. shadowminfa says:

    Come on, burst?! their gear is under 460, look at that Purebeast Pally, he is wearing green. Try do the same with people who has gear, man!!

  5. Ashton Bowerman says:

    dude you click and you’re that good!? you’re a clicker with a vicious war steed, wut.how.

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