2200+ Mists of Pandaria RBG’s – Temple of Kotmogu with Hotted (Skype Commentary/Gameplay)

Hey guys, I hope you enjoy this intense RBG match! 😀 Don’t forget to drop a like if you want more of these! Follow Hotted: Check out my Sponsors: Check out my video at the Razer Academy: Music provided by MonsterCatMedia: Outro Song: Feint – Snake eyes Song: [DnB] – TwoThirds – Waking Dreams (Feat. Laura Brehm)

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5 Responses to “2200+ Mists of Pandaria RBG’s – Temple of Kotmogu with Hotted (Skype Commentary/Gameplay)”

  1. Filou5559 says:

    i love this map in rbg its so fun

  2. Alex Miranthis says:

    hotted in ur rbg team, do the mages still run frost as it is really bad at that sudden burst right now?

  3. RedPhorcys says:

    how do you target people hotted? i just respecced to holy and im learning to heal but the only thing i cant work out is the targeting …

  4. er2iiufi says:

    hotted, are you 23 years old?

  5. Splendor Vendor says:

    Love your attitude. Most WoWers are so negative… Keep it up!

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