[ 5.0.5 ] Feral Druid + Arms Warrior 2v2 Arena Season 12 WoW EP16

Feral Druid and a Arms Warrior taking it into 2v2 arenas world of warcraft mists of pandaria 5.0.5. Just a pug group getting my weekly conquest cap, nothing to fancy. Going to be doing a lot of Feral Druid this month, going to do arenas and rated battle grounds! Message me your battle tag if you’d like to pvp, we can do some battlegrounds. I am a Feral Druid on Darkspear (US). ✔ Facebook – ✔ Twitter- – MUSIC – Artist – Ickythoughts Song – Raz0rh3@rt Soundcloud –

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5 Responses to “[ 5.0.5 ] Feral Druid + Arms Warrior 2v2 Arena Season 12 WoW EP16”

  1. RileyBlizzerd says:

    Hell yeah man good work

  2. Lunthus says:

    Yumm, good ol’ Kitty Cleave. Works so much better in 3s,than it used to before, except the Hpally since their HoF is not needed at all for the comp anymore, You should try it out with an R Sham, it seems to be the best combo. Our group got 1800 in about 1hr ish (with 1000 rating already). Wish I could do PvP with ya since there aren’t any ferals in my realm, our last good one went to KT and DS :( ( Horde btw )

  3. RileyBlizzerd says:

    hey message me ur battle tag or real id so we can do some pvp and stuff.

  4. EndGamers says:

    Thanks man:D

  5. EndGamers says:

    yeah Rsham with heroism would be epic:P

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