Arena Exploitation, Blizzard’s Black Friday Deals

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5 Responses to “Arena Exploitation, Blizzard’s Black Friday Deals”

  1. William Brine says:

    Change frightens me. But I thought your massive EP 1 poster was ballsy. WoW doesn’t have to be uninstalled, you can just delete the directory. One of the things I always appreciated about WoW is that it’s portable, you can drop the whole 20+ GB on an external drive.

  2. RapiDEraZeR says:

    well.if you want something,do something for it.if you can´t then deal with it

  3. Peter Holt says:

    awesome vid, love the news you give me about wow, 3 things from this vid was important to me and i wouldn’t have found anywehre else, loving the vids just wish you were on eu servers and did pvp 😛

  4. arkreaper says:

    wish they’d make it easier for none raiders on the legend stuff like they helped the none pvpers

  5. Christopher Cooper says:

    It’s not always on C:\ Local Drive 😛

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