Arms Warrior 3v3 Arena with Affliction lock and Holy Paladin 5.1 PvP! (commentary)

Hey guys! Here you get another type of arenas with commentary, I decided to go with this format for at least this video, because i thought it was more fun i like this format alot, tell me if you rather have the original audio in it tho! I will try to balance them out some with commentary others with the vent conversation, but if you guys prefer a format i can lean over a lil bit towards that one :) Anyways! These are just some interesting matches we did while capping i’m playing my Arms Warrior, with gimlihadanaxe affliction warlock and holy paladin as healer, i like this comp alot actually at least we can coordinate things real good! Hope you guys like these 3v3 arena matches if you do, a thumbs up or a subscribe would be deeply appreciated! 😀 Gimlihadanaxe: DISCLAIMER: I Do not own this song all rights go for the band Sumatra for creating this piece “Regeneration”

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2 Responses to “Arms Warrior 3v3 Arena with Affliction lock and Holy Paladin 5.1 PvP! (commentary)”

  1. deedeepi says:

    haha sometimes 😀

  2. GimliHadAnAxe says:

    That lock is so awesome

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