Death Knight PvP 3v3 Arena – DK – An Efficient PEELER!

Mists of Pandaria PvP: Shows you the effective gameplay of Shadow Cleave vs other popular cleaves. Check it out! Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Facebook: Русский Канал: Music By: Monstercat Media: Stereotronique – Gravity [Monstercat Release]

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5 Responses to “Death Knight PvP 3v3 Arena – DK – An Efficient PEELER!”

  1. Alex LighT says:

    Привет Реинхарт! Буквально 2 дня назад впервые посмотрел твои видео и мне безумно понравилось! Есть глупый вопрос, у тебя на панели нет ни Некротиков, ни Лика Смерти ни Кипящей Крови, как ты юзаешь эти скилы? Просто очень тяжело отследить твою ротацию в бою без этого. Надеюсь ты ответишь, спасибо!

  2. oRaazz says:

    Hello Reinhart!
    I’ve got a question for you! I’ve play a Destro/Demo lock. I’m best playing in Destro. In Demo, i’ve keep dying and i can’t figure out a rotation for the maximum survival and pressure at the same time. I’ve seen both your videos about Demo warlock, and it helped me alot! But can you please reply with some tips, or even make a warlock guide! That would be awesome! Keep up the good work!
    – Greetings from Denmark! :-)

  3. ReinhartDaRussian says:

    I have DK macros and Frost DK pressure master videos check them out plx

  4. ReinhartDaRussian says:

    2 more guides ahead of it on schedule then yeah Dueling time!

  5. ReinhartDaRussian says:

    Hey there man! Thanks for the great comment, appreciate it!

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