Feral BOSS – Mists of Pandaria edition

One hell of a match with Neddeadly – All of the videos: For daily videos, subscribe here: bit.ly Places to msg me and Ned: Twitter: @BraindeadlyEU @Neddeadly Facebook: BraindeadlyEU Neddeadly Music by Dummeh

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5 Responses to “Feral BOSS – Mists of Pandaria edition”

  1. Johannes Josefsson says:

    nice vid man, you made me play hunter again, going to fav all your vids.

  2. ripcrusader says:

    i dont want to be rude but you pushing ferals too much but wariors are just like god even reckful playing warior and hunters deal more damage still have more utility then ferals so they are just wretch.

  3. Pickkify says:

    so much haters lol

  4. radeondk says:

    ah ye cus symbiosis bubble is fine and to have 4 invulnerabilities across their whole team and the damage ferals put out is… i wont go on. idiot.

  5. daggereye89 says:

    nice ocarina of time music

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