Great place to farm Motes/Spirits of Harmony + Raw Turtle Meat + Exotic Leather – Wyrmhorn Turtle

Read this description please, and turn on annotations! :) Location: Valley of the Four Winds – The Grassy Cline (I bring up the map in the video) What are you killing: Wyrmhorn Turtles (And occasionally Mushan when they get close enough) ***Note: Please read through all of the description, its all fairly important. If you want, you can skip to the bottom of the page where I note some important or misc. information. ***These guys still spawn quickly, and still drop motes of harmony as of 11/15/2012. It is important to note that RNG is still RNG, while you may not get a ton of motes dropping one day, you could get quite a few another day. What I like about this spot is the fact that the turtles die quickly, and spawn quickly. Making them easy to farm. But the purpose of the video is NOT just for motes alone. Its also for the potential in making money from the raw turtle meat AND skins. :) Wyrmhorn loot that we are looking for: – Raw Turtle Meat – Mote of Harmony – Greens If you are a skinner they drop: – Exotic Leather – Sha-Touched Leather – Plump Intestines – Magnificent Hide Let me go into detail on why you should farm some of these items. Raw Turtle Meat – 20 of these meats can be turned in at Halfhill Market for an Ironpaw token. (By putting them into a grocery bag and turning them into the quest guy) With Ironpaw tokens you can buy cooking materials that can assist you with leveling your cooking. (achievements, food, etc) Or you can just buy the food to sell on the AH …

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  1. HelloDimineata says:

    Tried it and it does not go to well, after 1– mobs, just 2 spirits . I don`t think it`s worth it .

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