Heart Of Fear Music – Mists Of Pandaria

The music from the raid Heart Of Fear. Anyone more than me who hates Garalon?

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5 Responses to “Heart Of Fear Music – Mists Of Pandaria”

  1. Wowmusicable says:

    Yeah, it could be that Blizzard has re used some of the music from other places such as Naxxramas.

  2. Ponyj0 says:

    Yeah, usually the first tier of raids just has reused music, kinda like BWD and BoT. Not sure why they picked Naxx music but I guess it fits ok.

  3. chafrador says:

    2:20 Blizzard’s gonna get sued by THX

  4. Vanduhn says:

    Is this all new music or only music that plays in the raid dungeon? The part at around 2:20 sounds extremely like Naxxramas, some other parts like they are from the Azjol’Nerub dungeons (around 3 minutes).

  5. Benefacez says:


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