How To Ixx Eleventh Boss Brawler’s Guild Guide Rank 3 WoW MoP

Tempus here, hello and welcome to Ixx the third boss of rank 3 and boss number 11 in total of the Brawlers Guild in World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria! This guide will show you how to take Ixx to the cleaners! It’s squash or be squashed in the BRAAAAAAAAWWWWWWLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSS GGGGGGGUUUUUUUIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDD!!!!!! Facebook: Twitter: I hope you enjoy this guide and find it helpful and if you do then be sure to click that LIKE button, post a COMMENT with any thoughts, questions or suggestions and SUBSCRIBE for more! Title: How To Ixx Eleventh Boss Brawlers Guild Guide Rank 3 WoW MoP Tags: How To Ixx Eleventh Boss Brawlers Guild Guide Rank 3 WoW MoP,Alone,Wow,solo,world of warcraft,mists of pandaria,wow mop,brawlers guild,guide,how to,tutorial,tips,tricks,strategy,tactics,what to do,walkthrough,brawlers guild guide,Ixx brawlers guild guide,help,brawlers guild ixx help,brawlers guild rank 3 guide,brawlers guild walkthrough,Warcraft,Battle,pve

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