How To One Shot People in Arena as a Frost Mage in Mists of Pandaria

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5 Responses to “How To One Shot People in Arena as a Frost Mage in Mists of Pandaria”

  1. sebastian selander says:

    iz taht the way u spel? im dispaointed in u

  2. idonthaveto usemyname says:

    LOL cartoonz in his livestream when did u get glad o uh ive been glad u know like sever times i guess blizz just forogt to give me my title LOLOLOLOLOL highest rating in statistics 2700 LOL r1 mage theres literally at leasty a thousand mages better then u VENRUKI rank one mage

  3. IvanxMasterxTV says:

    Yhea, talking about rets, they can actually spam healz now… they can do more healz than dmg if they want to…

  4. sebastian selander says:

    Well, they are over the top of the damage and so is warrior. But yes i agree with you. People need to practice.

  5. Ikraznek says:

    Heals CC and burst are over the top, however it is not easy to fix, looking at ferals, they do insane dmg for 15s every 3 min but without coolies dmg is kinda bad, so just nerfing the overall dmg (and heal) won’t do it…then looking at patch 5.1… i am not sure if blizzard knows what’s going on.

    I would really like to see arena pvp as a e-sports thing, but seems like they’ve got other plans.

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