How To Position Yourself In Arena (World of Warcraft Gameplay/Commentary)

Stay updated? http:/ http:/ Wanna contact me personally? Hey guys! This is a video going into depth on how you should positioning and optimise yourself in the arena to avoid CC and incoming damage. I hope you enjoy. TAGS: “warlock pvp” “warlock mop” “wow warlock” “pvp warlock” “mists of pandaria warlock” “mop warlock” “mop pvp” “wow pvp” “warlock arena” “affliction warlock” “destro warlock” “warlock 5.0” “level 90” “world of warcraft” “mists of pandaria” “wow arena” “warlock 90” “battleground” “arena pvp” “mist of pandaria” “demonology warlock” “how to set up your burst as demo” “demo burst” “warlock burst” “how to position yourself” “positioning in arena” “wow arena positioning” “arena positioning”

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  1. GotEmBuzzing says:

    I’ll do a talents guide etc for demo then man, It’s seriously amazing. I got talents from researching myself and found that top locks e.g Azael used the set spec as me, haha. Ah I don’t like destro atm, not enough mobility, too much casting. Awesome man, I’ll get right on it to discuss it into my words 😀

  2. GotEmBuzzing says:


  3. GotEmBuzzing says:

    trinketed cds? you mean gladius? or afflicted3?

  4. GotEmBuzzing says:

    Thank you brother!

  5. GotEmBuzzing says:

    awww yeah, smooth with the ladies

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