How to Survive a MELEE CLEAVE in Mists of Pandaria by Hotted (Gameplay/Commentary)

I hope you guys enjoyed this commentary! If you guys enjoyed it, don’t forget to drop a like and share :]! Hope you guys enjoyed this arena! I will explain for the second video everything that I did on this match to survive! See you guys in a bit! 😀 Follow Hotted: Check out my Sponsors: Check out my video at the Razer Academy: Music provided by MonsterCatMedia: Outro Song: Feint – Snake eyes Song: Monstercat – Conquest – A Dream

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5 Responses to “How to Survive a MELEE CLEAVE in Mists of Pandaria by Hotted (Gameplay/Commentary)”

  1. KrohunGaming says:

    if you like WoW please check out my channel 😀

  2. Frozenfilm says:

    Hey, Hotted. I saw the podcast, and I heard you had a discussion about EU godcomp vs. US goodcomp. I also watched Reckful’s stream where Reckful was playing EU godcomp with Talbadar and Gravemind, and they queued into an US godcomp of similar MMR.

    EU godcomp won that match very quickly. Just thought i’d let you know, I thought it was pretty interesting :)

  3. allstargamerkaly says:

    Hey. Following u quite a while now. Really like ur videos. Thx and ceep going

  4. 19wizzy93 says:


  5. Nightvade Auchindoun says:

    Your ace hotted, an idol for me since I have a druid keep up the good work you’ve got a good sub!

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