Mist of Pandaria – Feng the Accursed Kill! (Tank POV) 10 Man Normal!

so ive finally joined a raiding guild guys and today i have some raiding footage of 10 man normal feng the accursed! Hope you guys enjoy it and dont forget to like and subscribe if you do! GALARNS STUFF TO CHECK OUT: __________________________________ ▏ Youtube Channel: ▏ Twitch Livestream: twitch.tv ▏ Facebook: ▏ twitter: ———————————-

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5 Responses to “Mist of Pandaria – Feng the Accursed Kill! (Tank POV) 10 Man Normal!”

  1. galarnn says:

    please tell me you are trolling right now haha else you might be ignorant

  2. Liam Butler says:

    Nice vid, my raid couldn’t even get passed first boss in there yet.. (10man normal) :c probably my poopy 50k dps that does it. hahaha

  3. galarnn says:

    yea its always about mechanics haha

  4. galarnn says:

    ultranumb armored defense remix

  5. galarnn says:

    50k dps isnt even that bad bro, most likely its the tanks messing up, thats usually the problem

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