Mist of Pandaria PvP – Retri Paladin VS 2600+ Frost Deathknight – OP PALADIN

Retri vs 2900rated warr: This time I’m fighting the best Deathknight on our server, “Takepicture”. He is playing as Frost Deathknight vs me, Retribution Paladin. Just to point out, Retri paladins is REALLY strong in duels (except against mages) and is way stronger than a DK, with cds up. Without CD’s though, it’s a whole other case! Hope you enjoy these insane duels!:) Subscribe to stay tuned for the next class in the dueling series! Cheers Faxi! ** Music used with personal permission ** Thanks to Glueball Records for the music! Songs used: jFET – 2d soundcloud.com Gil Monteverde – Resilient (128 kbps) soundcloud.com – BUY IT HERE!

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5 Responses to “Mist of Pandaria PvP – Retri Paladin VS 2600+ Frost Deathknight – OP PALADIN”

  1. Michael Madrid says:

    I always cleanse off the dots on DKs they fuckin hate it and i laugh when they rage about it.

  2. deadwideamile says:

    All of your vids appear as tho in slow motion.. Probably the chow effect

  3. MsJezzebella says:

    The into to the video scared the poop out of me :(

  4. FraxiWoW says:

    Nice video fraxi!! waiting for more

  5. FraxiWoW says:

    Use freedom for the winter thingy.

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