Mists of pandaria 2hander Enhancement shaman pvp – Temple of kotmogu

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5 Responses to “Mists of pandaria 2hander Enhancement shaman pvp – Temple of kotmogu”

  1. hejsantxu says:

    Thanks ! :D

  2. TophurISgod says:

    Just saying… I love your content. It’ll be nice to see more

  3. hejsantxu says:

    hehe ye blizz dont want to bring back the times of 2handed pvp its rly a shame :/ i miss the days when enh shamans where feared ! ye i was thinking of makinga crit montage but neeh i wanna show the darkside :) HOPE DIES LAST !

  4. hejsantxu says:

    Thanks man 😀 those kind words keep me going :)

  5. WolowoitzEU says:

    2h :) nice video! Yeah they nerfed wf with mop and we have lower crit% so that we only have Ascendant :( Thats the reason why i make a break. I rly think it is cool that you show the people the real 2h Shaman, i only show the best case.

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