Mists of Pandaria Arenas with Swifty! Mad CC Time!! (Gameplay/Commentary)

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5 Responses to “Mists of Pandaria Arenas with Swifty! Mad CC Time!! (Gameplay/Commentary)”

  1. TheThr11l says:

    Or maybe he likes the comp he is running right now? and why would he want to play with cartoonz?

  2. Simon Lundh says:

    have subbed you, looking forward to see more insence videos! 😀

  3. crazycheese98 says:

    he has vids with cartoonz… and bajheera…. and people nobody even knows…

  4. tank2g2 says:

    I like the lock hes cool

  5. John Prindesis says:

    and bajheera and cartoonz, and sacredheals lol .. darkspear alliance FTW :)

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