Mists of Pandaria Death Knight PvP: Shadow Cleave vs 2300 KFC

Mists of Pandaria PvP: Shows you the effective gameplay of Shadow Cleave vs other popular cleaves. Check it out! Join Next Level PvP with me: Follow me on Twitter twitter.com Follow me on Facebook: Русский Канал:

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5 Responses to “Mists of Pandaria Death Knight PvP: Shadow Cleave vs 2300 KFC”

  1. imunchify says:

    It’s not about pressing the button that counts. IT’S THE ATTITUDE!!!

  2. texgaming57 says:


  3. HomzzR says:

    both classes are alot of fun, shadow priest has amazing offheals while warlock you can choose to have a pet or not, i would go with the priest though because IMO, demo playstyle is boring as SHIT, destro is all about building up so you can Chaosbolt, and affliction is doing no pressure what so ever

  4. TopHop100 says:

    Can you post more lock vids plz? But i still whatch what u put up

  5. somedude773 says:

    the harder u press the button the more powerful the attack…

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