Mists of Pandaria: Faction Champion Rares Guide

Please like, comment and subscribe! Come see my new website! Follow me on twitter! @wowmartiean Following all the rares so far in Pandaria, Blizzard decided to add 6 more to the mix! This time they are faction specific, 3 for the Horde, and 3 for the Alliance. You will get an achievement for killing all three, as well as chances for PVP trinkets to drop for use in Pandaria for World PVP. Also, could they potentially drop the Blood Soaked Invites for the Brawler’s Guild? We shall see. For mobile phones without annotations here are direct links: Mists of Pandaria: Rare Elite Champions of Pandaria (Zone Selection Map): youtu.be

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  1. TheRandom1337Dude says:

    GZ on joining Machinima! keep it up :)

  2. wowmartiean says:

    You dont have to like them but please respect my decision on the matter.

  3. wowmartiean says:

    Thank you :)

  4. TheRandom1337Dude says:

    Did someone get a No from Machinima and now you are hating on em??

  5. wowmartiean says:

    You are welcome :)

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