Mists of Pandaria PvP DUEL: WARLOCK vs Warrior FT. Swifty

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5 Responses to “Mists of Pandaria PvP DUEL: WARLOCK vs Warrior FT. Swifty”

  1. Shaun Nichols says:

    question has anyone eles notice than when you switch from apotheosis into full demon form your your demon fury seems to drop back to 200 even if you are full?

  2. Shaun Nichols says:

    not sure how to edit but it appears that any time you come out of apotheosis form you lose all of your built up demon fury. is that a bug?

  3. NotNamedName says:

    i saw a couple of adoukens vids and noticed that he’s an impressive warlock, too but most of the time he uses dagger and not staff…can u tell me why that is better? im not too pro so please dont troll on that question xD

  4. Diabolis1989 says:

    major part of saving the quality without getting 100MB 5 sec video is a correct usage of codec.

    Reinhart, what codec do you use btw?

  5. Diabolis1989 says:

    it’s not a bug, if it will be without drop to 200, you can just sit in def form, build up your fury to 1000, and switch to demo form to destroy everything around :)

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