Mists of Pandaria Ret Paladin Gameplay #1

*Re-upload* I took this down a few days ago and decided to reupload it. Check out Athene’s Channel: TO Subscribe to my channel click here: KensCrazygaming – Social Sites Facebook – Twitter – My Blog: PC Specs: AMD 3.6ghz quad processor OC’ed to 3.8ghz G.Skill 16gig PC3 12800 Ram Duel HD Radeon 5770 w/CrossfireX 1.5TB Samsung HD 750 Earthwatt PS Gigabite GA-970A-UD3 Motherboard

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5 Responses to “Mists of Pandaria Ret Paladin Gameplay #1”

  1. desmond cheng chao lee says:

    more wow please =)

  2. Pachabee says:

    Hopefully you enjoy pally more!

  3. KensCrazyGaming says:

    I was uploading a video while recording this :(

  4. wandrews24 says:

    glad to see more wow footage ken!

  5. texgaming57 says:

    You lag is so dam high in the video :/

    Some more paladin action please : )

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