Mop Patch 5.1 Ptr, Challenge Modes, Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.5

Change the quality to 1080p! I finally figured it out! About time! Hope everyone’s enjoying Mists of Pandaria! Fatboss Guide to Mogu’shan Vaults: Stone Guard 10 Man Regular Patch 5.1 PTR Notes This weeks patch 5.0.5 Hotfixes Hallow’s End Diablo Patch 1.0.5 Notes Wowcrendor “What’s Your Luckydo”

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  1. akro187 says:

    Each of the main dailies also give an epic item once you hit exalted. I believe GL is bracers, klaxxi I think maybe a ring, and shado-pan I think is a onyx cloud serpent. Don’t quote me on this though I’m almost there with GL and can give more info. once I do.

  2. valianth says:

    Your eyes stare into my soul, its scary but i love it

  3. akro187 says:

    Also don’t forget the hallows end buff that gives you 10% more rep from quests!! Abuse it while its around.

  4. Oblivions FTGUG says:

    I can help you with all your video questions and quality problems just inbox me for once lol because ive been trying to help you for months just because im a nice person anyways if you dont remember who i am just know i am oblivionswowvideos so anyways hit me up and ill help you get the best quality and even get the 3d option

  5. MrRogueDaniels says:

    Another awesome video.Peace!

  6. huenex lightbringer says:


  7. Safhonez says:

    Do you have any information about the diablo pvp/arena? 😮

  8. Ezhno111 says:

    Wow your even prettier in 1080p. I did not know that was possible.

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