Nikitta solo arena 1v2 Mists of Pandaria!

As requested, I made a new 1v2 video! One shot macro: Please subscribe to my channel, I make new videos every Thursday! Royalty free music from Addons that I use for PvP: – Gladius – Quartz – Doom CooldownPulse – CooldownCount – MikScrollingBattleText Like my facebook page: Visit my music channel:

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5 Responses to “Nikitta solo arena 1v2 Mists of Pandaria!”

  1. Hardstylahhhh says:

    Serously bro, keep up this good work. There are not many people who are as good as you are! I’m loving ur videos and learning from it, thanks!!

  2. twatwaffle11 says:

    nice vids im loving doing pvp on my frost mage but now they nerfed fire blast for frost bomb it sucks can nuke them down as fast now ):

  3. NikittaWoW says:

    Thank you!

  4. godsoftheabyss says:

    thank you soo much 😀

  5. NikittaWoW says:

    Glad to help 😛

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