Paiid | Joins Recycled Heroes, New Website, and Ret Pally Leveling in Pandaria Begins!

– In this video, I catch you all up on what I’ve been up to in game, and in real life. In game, I’ve transferred my Pally over to Stormreaver US to join Hobbs guild Recycle Heroes. I’ve also begun leveling my pally to 90 which will take a long time. In addition to that, I finally finished my website which has forums so we can all hang out and talk! And other than that, just been working at my new job. ★ http ★ – Your donation allows me to take less hours at work and spend that time playing and creating content for you here instead! WEBSITE (+Chat) – LIVESTREAM (+Watch) – http FACEBOOK (+Like) –

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5 Responses to “Paiid | Joins Recycled Heroes, New Website, and Ret Pally Leveling in Pandaria Begins!”

  1. kandeiman77797 says:

    Long time fan man, love your videos, I want to see you leveling, I don’t care if its24 hours long in one part or 500 parts in 2 minutes a piece, I want leveling!!!

  2. JustinWatchesMovies says:


  3. nicknsk8er says:

    nice, website is cool man

  4. timochleo says:

    Really want to watch this vid, but i’m going 2 buy mop. So I don’t want to have any spoilers 😛 keep making awesome vids! 😀

  5. DoddeDoddson says:

    Nice vid :) And gratz ^^

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