Patch 5.1 Pets Guide: AQ40 by QELRIC “Temple of Ahn’Qaraj” “Mists of Pandaria”

Patch 5.1 introduced new pets that drop from old school raid bosses. This video shows you how to get the pets from AQ40 (Temple of Ahn’Qiraj). Thanks for watching, and If you found this video useful then please rate it /thumbs up! Naxx pets: BWL pets: MC pets: Red Qiraji Battle Tank: _______________________________________ My blog: My Facebook: Twitter: ______________________________________ All music in this video is royalty free by Teknoaxe.

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4 Responses to “Patch 5.1 Pets Guide: AQ40 by QELRIC “Temple of Ahn’Qaraj” “Mists of Pandaria””

  1. chakka1986 says:

    still on the masterwork gear qel tsk tsk hehe ^^

  2. MiloManiacRS says:

    Love it qelric good vid!

  3. Qelric says:

    Well, I am unlucky with drops…

  4. BrYTaC says:

    Anubis he is a false god, jaffa cree
    Ok so it wasnt him but hey i couldnt resist it.
    Keep it up Qel :)

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