Patch 5.1 Pets Guide: Molten Core by QELRIC “Mists of Pandaria”

Patch 5.1 introduced new pets that drop from old school raid bosses. This video shows you how to get the pets from MC (Molten Core). Thanks for watching, and If you found this video useful then please rate it /thumbs up! _______________________________________ My blog: My Facebook: Twitter: AQ40 pets: Naxx pets: BWL pets: ______________________________________ All music in this video is royalty free by Teknoaxe.

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5 Responses to “Patch 5.1 Pets Guide: Molten Core by QELRIC “Mists of Pandaria””

  1. Adam Toope says:

    If you were Unaware Qelric, instead of talking to the person to enter MC, you may also jump through the window ( from inside out ) in the small little building he resides in to be teleported in as well. Small little tidbit

  2. Qelric says:

    1 clear of each raid got me 2 pets.

  3. BrYTaC says:

    Qel the pet collector :)
    Just out of interest how many pets have you got in all?

  4. Qelric says:

    Not as many as I should have. 166

  5. blainelott says:

    Watching these brings back old memories from back in vanilla, good times lol.

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