Swifty One Shot Macro Mists of Pandaria How To Crit 300k+

Music by Dano Songs – Art of Gardens How much can you crit? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for watching, don’t forget to Like the video and make sure you’re subscribed to win prizes and be the first to know when I release a new video. YouTube: Twitter: Stream:

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5 Responses to “Swifty One Shot Macro Mists of Pandaria How To Crit 300k+”

  1. DerAngeloMerte says:

    :) no problem ! fan forever 😀

  2. ondsmileyI says:

    ./use 13 or /use 14 for trinkets instead

  3. WhippyEU says:

    Hey Agil 😛 thanks for the support!

  4. WhippyEU says:

    I prefer to type the actual name in because if some day you swap the trinket slots around for whatever reason you could end up using your freedom trinket in with your one-shot macro which would be embarrassing xD

  5. WhippyEU says:

    Thanks man!

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