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Vial of Sands A very epic mount to add to your collection. This is a 2 person mount that also gives you an Achievement for learning it. You can carry a friend from the claws on this beast of a mount. Recipe is found from doing Archaeology. You must have Alchemy to learn the recipe to make the mount. The great thing is anyone can learn the mount 😀 A good price to buy a Vial of Sands always will depend on what server your on. At first in Cata they were going for around 38 k gold on Blackrock. At the end of the expansion people were selling them in trade for as low as 18 k gold. I was buying them and re selling actually. Now in the new expansion Mist of Pandaria i see around 25 to 28 k gold. No need to jump into a purchase just because you have the gold. Take your time and try to find a deal or even ask someone to make it for you. Also try to gather most or some of the materials to make the mount cheaper. If you just buy it straight up I would say 23 k to 26 k is an alright price on a high pop server. I guess on a low pop server 30 k gold is ok, but remember to try and find someone with the recipe in trade chat. You could end up saving a few thousand gold. :) Materials for Vial of Sands Truegold ( 12 ) Flask of the Winds ( 8 ) Flask of Titanic Strength ( 8 ) Deepstone Oil ( 8 ) Sands of Time ( 8 ) Pyrium-Laced Crystallined Vial Thanks for watching :D. Take care and please like and subscribe this video :)

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2 Responses to “Vial Of Sands – Sandstone Drake : World of Warcraft ( WOW )”

  1. lnsanePainGame says:

    i almost want to do the same. I have a couple 90’s i can lvl the Alchemy up on but the drop rate for the recipe isn’t that good i heard. I already have lvl’ed my Arch up once. I wouldnt do it again.

  2. kitty oracle says:

    that is my dream mount. always wanted on so i mad a toon just for the professions so i could make one.

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