WoW Arena – Resto Druid, Ret Paladain, Arms Warrior.

Sorry for quality, had recording problems. Next videos will be better. Welcome to DrexenTv’s first Arena Video. My name is Zane and I play a Resto Druid, Rogue and Mage. This video features 2 games, the first against Feral, Resto Shaman and a Shadow Priest, and the last against a Warlock, Warrior and a Resto Shaman. Please leave any feedback along with suggestions or tips! Tags: World Of Warcraft (Video Game),Wow (recording),World Warcraft,Pvp,Rogue,Warrior,Mage,Bow,Paladin,Gold,Level,Shaman,Druid,Mists of Pandaria,MOP,WOW MOP,WoW Arena,Arena,Player vs Player

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3 Responses to “WoW Arena – Resto Druid, Ret Paladain, Arms Warrior.”

  1. Burzo Dan Ionut says:

    Watching you just trot around the arena, throw 2-3 hots, and sometimes cyclone from miles away makes me want to throw my disc priest out the window.

    You have no idea how easy you have it with druid

    Double melee comp with resto. Can’t comment constructively

  2. DrexenTV says:

    It’d be awesome if you could Share and Subscribe too :) Being a new channel any support is amazing and appreciated, and there will be more videos exactly like this in the near future!

  3. DrexenTV says:

    Yea discs have it tough. Double melee is still tricky because my partners have little to stop CC, e.g Counterspells or dispells, so my playstyle is quite defensive.

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