Wow Mists of pandaria Private server INSTANT 90

Hi ! THIS IS THE FIRST 100% WORKING MOP PRIVATE SERVER LIVE ! First MoP privater server live EU! We have full scripted instances & working bg’s all off the new attacks ,glyphs & talents! Races / classes working 100% Balanced Bg’s 100% LAG FREE no bugs 98 % ( working on it to get non bugged 100%!) 1. go to this webbsite to register an acoount : 2. Change your realmlist to : set realmlist 3. wait a few minutes for our database to activate your account ,usually takes 3-5 minutes. 4. log in and play !

Not sure how this stands regarding legality – so treat with care. (admin)

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  1. admin says:

    World of Warcraft Private Server. This looks like the first World of Warcraft 100% working private server. Check it out all you WOW players

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