WoW MoP PvP | Monk VS Warrior (Arms) | Duels #3

Hey guys thank for clicking on my video, it truly means a lot if you watched it. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did please subscribe to watch more! Thanks. ##########TAGS########## Wow, World World Of Warcraft, Priest, Hunter, Death Knight, Monk, Windwalker, Mistweaver, Brewmaster, Mage, fire, frost, Arcane, Mists of Pandaria level 90, Player Vs Player, Swifty Warrior, Bajheera, Fury, Tank PvP, Paladin, Druid, Rogue, Balance PvP, Feral, Restro,Assassination, Subtlety, Sub, Combat, Lvl 90 Warlock, Affliction, Destruction, Destro, Demonology, Guide, PvE, Twink, Warrior Twins, 85-89, Chaos Bolt, Montage, Cobrak, Str8Ac3, PvP Guide, PTR, 60 Twink, 70 Twink, Demonology Crits, Touch of Chaos, Metamorphosis, Dark Apotheosis, Guide, Duels, talents, glyphs, Droodsftw, Stat guide, WoW MoP, Mists of Pandaria, fists of fury, rising sun kick, blackout kick, tiger palm, zen sphere, chi wave, disarm, dismantle, trinket.

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5 Responses to “WoW MoP PvP | Monk VS Warrior (Arms) | Duels #3”

  1. TheGamingWebster says:

    Hmmmm me and luke and different, but personally i would go Sub.

  2. TheGamingWebster says:

    Will do man :)

  3. Chokobold1 says:

    ok^^ its just ive been playing that since tbc:P
    wanna try something different but i dont know which xD

  4. Chokobold1 says:

    dude i need some help Sublety or Combat rogue spec xD?

  5. Chokobold1 says:

    thanks ;)

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