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Teemo-slaying Xmas: Day 13 (the Lich King)

meh one …but I did not have much time to sew it together perfectly. Still hope you enjoy the idea. Future updates at: Epic music by: Used and edited trailer for WoW:WotLK by: Blizzard Entertainment

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WoW- Dominance Offensive- The Purge of Dalaran (SPOILERS)

The second-to-last Horde event of the Dominance Offensive quest line. Jaina, now leader of the Kirin Tor, has decided she had enough with the Sunreavers and now marches the streets of Dalaran imprisoning any Sunreaver she comes across while her goon squad, the Silver Covenant, take a more active role by robbing civilians and killing anyone who resists. Meanwhile Aethas Sunreaver, the leader of the Sunreavers, is held prisoner, while all means for the Sunreavers to escape Dalaran are cut off. It is now up to Grand Magister Rommath and the champion of the Horde to rescue Aethas Sunreaver and save as many people as possible. Special Guest Appearance by Lor’themar Theron and a bench that meets an untimely end.

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Affliction Warlock Basic DPS Guide 5.1

Let’s take a look at the classic dot spec, reworked and changed for MoP, and proving to be the top source of dps

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WoW Raid Boss 101 – Solo Lady Vashj

A tricky little fight that favours a little bit of Luck. Be make sure you know all the basics and that will hold you in good stead. Please Like, Comment and Subscribe to my Channel and follow me on Twitter (@heelvsbabyface) and “Like” my Facebook page too !!

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World of Warcraft 1080p HD Quality Test Rogue Mutilate PTR 7k DPS Patch 3.3

Recorded at 1920×1200 @ 30fps. All WoW settings were on Ultra except shadows on High and 24bit-8x AA. Best viewed at 1920×1080+ resolutions. I cut off some pixels at the top and bottom and rendered @ 1920×1072 (NOT 1920×1080), when you render the height at 1080 quality for some reason takes a massive hit (most likely because x264 doesn’t like numbers that aren’t divisible by 16). Since YouTube thinks its a good idea not to support 1200p (16:10 resolutions such as 1920×1200) this is the best I could do. As a result the video is stretched a bit but the quality is insanely high. Video was run through Sony Vegas 9.1 pro at a 100% Quality VBR WMV file then run through a x264 utility to trim size @ 12000kb/s. Audio is AAC @ 96kb/s 48KHz 16-bit Stereo. I’ll be recording every fight in Icecrown like the above video. I am in the guild Vigil. Videos will be embedded on the front page a day or two after a boss kill. Enjoy!

Watch the best WOW Videos and Movies on Warcraft-Video.com

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