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Apathy | Wind Lord Mel’jarak 10 Man Heroic – Heart of Fear [Elemental Shaman POV]

Hey guys, this is a kill we got today on Wind Lord Mel’jarak 10 Man Heroic. I thought I would share this with you guys as it was certainly an accomplishment for our guild. I know a lot of you won’t understand this, but there will be videos in the future regarding world of warcraft and explaining it as if to an audience who have never played the game before. Having said all that I hope you can enjoy and embrace the video for what it is. Thanks guys, Sam

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[December 2012 ] World of Warcraft Items Generator 2012 [Free DOWNLOAD]

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Khardia : Testing out elements

Hey! I’ve been testing out Adobe Premiere Elements! Didn’t buy it yet… Should come soon! Sorry for that “Created with Adobe Premiere Elements trial version” in the middle of the screen. It won’t happen next time! Tell me how to improve! Facebook : Music : NEUS & The Noisy Freaks – Game Over (Feat. Nalesia) PS : This video will probably be removed soon. I’ll reupload it when I’ll get the full version of Adobe Premiere!

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WoW:MoP 5.1: Druid Feral Cat PVP Tutorial – Part I [Addons/Macros/Rotation]

This is part one of a two part series of an overview of my World of Warcraft character Nickratos’ UI and Addons, and my Feral Cats PVP Macros, Talents/Glyphs, and Rotation for PVPing in the newest expansion and patch; Mist of Pandaria — Patch 5.1. If you enjoy Like, Share, Subscribe and tell your buddies. My Website with all the information: sites.google.com Dropbox link to download a .txt file with the Macro’s & Rotation: I said the macro’s and rotation would be in the description but when I put them I couldn’t save because the description had “too many characters.” Music—— 1st Song: They Found Us – By: Machinima 2nd Song: End of Mankind – By: Machinima 3rd Song: Cognitive Dissonance By: Kevin MacLeod 4th Song: Harmful or Fatal By: Kevin MacLeod Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod ( Music courtesy of Machinima.com (for more information refer to machinimasound.com *I TAKE NOT CREDIT FOR THE BADASS BACKGROUND MUSIC* DISCLAIMER — By far is any of this information “right,” or will make “you” a better, more skilled player. This is just was works for me, Nickratos, on my Feral Cat while I PVP. Use this as a building block, not something to solely use to game with, build upon what I have given here to modify it for your specific game play, as I have done for me.

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Pandaren Monk Leveling Series (Intro Pilot) – World of Warcraft

Leave a comment to get a chance to win a FREE $30.00 value code for Dugi’s Guides. More Information below! Please Subscribe, Like and Share!! Please give me a little time to gather enough footage to make consistent videos on a weekly, or bi-weekly period. I will still be making DayZ, Wasteland and Halo 4 videos. End game play is NEVER guaranteed with this characters. End game is a long time commitment and sometimes I don’t enjoy the class at the end of the show. Live streams will happen when I can get the bandwidth. I will be streaming on YouTube live NOT on TwitchTV. This is NOT a race to 90 although I usually surprise myself. –That’s all I can think of for right now. Please stay tuned to my twitter account for more information.

Watch the best WOW Videos and Movies on Warcraft-Video.com

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