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Warrior PvP + Updates | Mists of Pandaria | WoW Gameplay/Commentary

Check me out on facebook: If you message me on fb I will always get back to you! So if you have anyquestions Feel free to contact me on there! Little bit of warrior pvp and what I plan to do in the upcoming month! Let me know what you thought about the vid in the comments! I play on the frostmourne server so if you would like to play with me just let me know! I would really appreciate a thumbs up and a comment! Be sure to Subscribe! Check me out on twitter: twitter.com

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WoW MoP – How to Tank for Dummies! – Gara’jal the Spirit Binder LFR

How to tank the 3rd boss of LFR Mogu’Shan Vaults in a few easy steps – Gara’jal the Spirit Binder.

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WoW MOP: Thrall Returns = (Major Spoilers)

Siege of Echo Islands and Thrall’s Return from patch 5.1 This is some footage from the Dominance Offensive storyline. Siege of Echo Islands. Check out Wowhead News for further updates! WoW Mists of Pandaria MoP Beta — PTR Patch 5.1 Thrall â-¶Personal Channel

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Dynasty of Dynatryx and DeeBuff #4 Mists of Pandaria MoP World of Warcraft WoW commentary

Follow the start of our gnomish adventures in their quest to dominate the World of Warcraft. Join them in their 4th Episode! This had to be re-uploaded as it did not publish that day exceptionally worse than usual. Mass World PVP video Majora’s Mask Video 2DayWithPatrickJ Thank you for watching Additional Wowhobbs links Facebook! Twitter twitter.com Additional 2DayWithPatrickJ links Facebook Twitter twitter.com YouTube

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Elegon 10m Normal Fury Warrior Pov

Inviction Kazzak Eu Elegon 10m Normal Thanks to ravenprodesign for this awesome new intro all of these songs in this video is not owned by me and they belong to their respective owner if you are the owner please wisp me if you want to take this vid down Hope you enjoy

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