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Road to Ironforge – Episode 2 (SVM in Azeroth)

Please like/fav/sub! Main channel: youtube.com Need help installing this map on your own Bukkit server? Watch this handy installation guide I made: youtu.be Special appearance by 8bitdame: youtube Special appearance by SirVladimyr: youtube Buy a Five Things T-Shirt! fivethings.spreadshirt.com Facebook: Google+: goo.gl Twitter: twitter.com Donate to help Five Things: My other channels youtube.com youtube.com Minecraft is made by Mojang. Portions of this video were recorded in 1.3.2. Portions of this video were recorded in 1.4.2. Thanks to Payuk for the sweet logo. youtube.com Thanks to Ron Smalec for the note block WoW music! youtube.com Texture pack is Faithful 32:

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Quick Gold Making Update on the Mining I did from Episode 02!

Follow and watch me play live @ twitch.tv I’ll be live streaming my leveling and gold making progress every night at my twitch tv page and running things with you guys! So be sure to check it out! BE ON TONIGHT AT 12 AM CST. Please subscribe to my channel! Like myself on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! twitter.com Feel free to check out itskalypso! @ youtube.com ———————————————————————————————————————— Real ID: Mabus#1103 – Add me for BG’s, Dungeons, Leveling, and Raids! Gold Progress: 320 Gold Leveling Progress: Level 17 This is Episode 02 of Project Fresh Start, where I begin on a new server in World of Warcraft, with a new character, with no main, heirlooms, gold, achievements, nothing, and show you guys my journey to 90 and beyond, starting with how to make gold in World of Warcraft when you are new to the game or new to the server / starting new characters, and then ultimately becoming the overpowered hunter class we are, let’s face it the world needs more hunters! In this episode I teach you guys how to begin making gold on a lowbie to begin your gold making skills using mining! That’s right mining! You can use mining to mine a ton of copper ore as a level 1-5 bank alt in the starting areas around the capital city your bank alt is parked at! On Darkspear copper bars were going for almost 2 gold a piece at the time of recording, so one stack of copper bars …

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1.4.5 Minecraft server staff needed

We need people to help us with the server so comment and give us your ingame name and we will give u server ip thank you.The server ip is and the hamachi is Pigcraft3.0 and the password is 0 Thank You.Rate Comment and Subscribe :D

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WoW [Rogue leveling] – Episode 75: Ultimate Animal Hunter

World of warcraft leveling a rogue – episode 75. (Nagrand quest zone) Facebook: on.fb.me Google+: bit.ly Twitter: bit.ly

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Minecraft Faction PvP Server! NO-LAG, HOSTED 24/7.

This is a minecraft faction pvp server! IP: 24/7

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