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LiveStream – Holidays Are For Gaming – Part 1

Join me in this, the first of many LiveStreams over the upcoming holiday season. The games covered over the course of the next few weeks will include: – Guild Wars 2 – World Of Warcraft – DC Universe Online – Rift – Dishonored – The Sims 3 – The Secret World – Far Cry 3 – Kingdoms Of Amalur – Minecraft Many shows will include viewers and members from the Superzeroes, Distant World, and Pink Yeti Army communities. Most shows will be planned well in advance, some (like todays) will be last minute! Enjoy! -Sambo Guild Wars 2 © ArenaNet and NCSoft World Of Warcraft © Blizzard Entertainment, Inc DC Universe Online © 2012 Sony Online Entertainment LLC Rift © 2012 Trion Worlds, Inc Dishonored © 2012 Bethesda Softworks LLC The Sims 3 © 2012 Electronic Arts Inc. The Secret World © 2007-2012 EA and Funcom Far Cry 3 © 2012 Ubisoft Entertainment Kingdoms Of Amalur © 2011 38 Studios and EA Minecraft © Mojang 2009-2012 ‘Stigmata’ composed by Aaron Musslewhite © aaronmusslewhite.newgrounds.com

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WoW – Warrior PVP – My future plans on youtube/will I reach 1000 subscribers?

Please Subscribe!

Watch the best WOW Videos and Movies on Warcraft-Video.com

How To Make 1500-3000g in 30 Mins /w Tailoring

Heres the How To Make Gold in Wow second Installment for those of you who have been waiting. This addition will teach you how to make up to 5000g per hour this time using a Frostweave Cloth Farm. As Always, here’s the link to join the newsletter for updates on whenever I make a gold post on my website. There will be no more post on how to make gold that are themed around cloth farmed. Everything else will be fresh and original. There’s a large group of players believe it or not who hate profession farming and would rather spend their time bashing in NPC skulls. If your one of those players this “how to make gold in WoW MOP guide is just for you. As a result of trying to help those players out, and having developed/reviewed a couple of strategies that worked for me, I decided making a How to video was the best way of getting our ideas out. So Lo and Behold. I’m Gamebox your commentator and what im showing you guys today is a “How to” guide to make 5000g + an hour in WoW MOP if you have the tailoring skill. The purpose of this guide was to give players who prefer an alternative and fun way to make gold outside the traditional ore farming and herb gathering methods. Is it still a form of grinding? YES! Is it alot FUNNER than material farming? HELL YES. Is it one of the best methods of making 5000g an hour in wow MOP without using professions? Ill leave that one for you guys to decide. In the meantime we’ll be brainstorming ideas with concepts similar to this video. Cheers …

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Holy Paladin – ZeroRecoil Assassination Rouge – Soulkill Resto Shammy and Ret Pally – Some Random Arena Team…. YOU MAY NOT KILL ZEE HOLY PALLY UNTIL HE SAYS HE WILL DIE!!!! Zero_Recoil WoW – Bloodhaunt – Thaurissan StarCraft 2 – Xenith Facebook Twitch

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Reqy – Thoughts on non monk 5.2 patch notes

Just a heads up, if this looks 100% normal, without some mistake, I’m never changing a setting on my computer again, However, please let me know (Outside of color (It still looks diffrent to me, idk if thats closer to what wow looks like, or my colors off, and some of the sound) Also it looks really long. Music at the end: Subformat More (Ft. Charli Brix) Monstercat Release youtube.com/monstercatmedia Also, the arena games were taken from my stream, as I talked, likely off topic and possibly better done if I could commentate half an hourish multiple times, so don’t post saying their qualitys diffrent, I’m aware :) My Stream: Twitch.tv/finalreq (follow i may stream more, but i can fraps full quality again) other peoples twitch.tv/save_85 twitch.tv/fhos1881 twitch.tv/steezyx Also taking care of my gf’s dogs so the 2 mb upload is really slow, so I’m bored because I cant do other stuff with this net, so I’m randomly going to continue on in the description because i find that listening to my own thoughts is very entertaining and how stupid it looks when i could just delete the randomness that i type out as it goes through my head, and make it much more concise, but hell, try reading this run on sentence of misspelled words outloud, however please don’t sue if you pass out because I spent more time writing this then I did half of my highschool english esseys, oh god I almost used a period and that would have ended my rant over nothing, maybe i should link the patch notes again …

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