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WoW Raid Boss 101 – Solo Kael’thas Sunstrider !!

I get a fair bit of mail relating to old school raid bosses and how to solo them or avoid certain lock out features. KT is a name mentioned rather a lot so in this video I’ll show you how to kill him solo with no problems at all =] Please Like, Comment and Subscribe to my Channel and follow me on Twitter (@heelvsbabyface) and “Like” my Facebook page too !!

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Brawlers Guild: Rank 2 – King Kulaka

Pretty simple. Want to help thechannel grow? Then please Like, Fav and share with your friends Twitter: twitter.com Personal Facebook: Audio provided by My Youtube Shows The Walking Dead Let’s Play: Portal 2 Let’s Play: Portal Let’s Play: SMITE: World of Warcraft: Don’t forgot to Like Favourite & Subscribe!

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WoW Arena – Shadow Priest 3v3 – 2200 God Comp – S12 – MOP

5 full matches playing God Comp aka Shatterplay aka Shatreeplay. Matches played in Season 12, MOP in both Patch 5.05 and 5.1. Opponents are 2k-2300MMR. for more videos! Tastik – Shadow Priest Mageiden – Frost Mage Wimpar – Restoration Druid Music: Janelle Monae – Violet Stars Happy Hunting / Many Moons Big Pun – You Ain’t a Killer The Beatles – While My Guitar Gently Weeps Drunken Tiger – 편의점

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Monster Formations (Part 2) Build Interesting Encounters

This is my second “formations” video. Using these formations will make for interesting encounters. Especially observing how your players tackle them. If you’d like to submit a formation, just send me a message on YouTube :) Of course I’ll give you credit if I use your idea. See my other videos for more monster formations: Part 1: ________________________________________________________________ Like My Facebook Page For No Reason:

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Monylol & Firepowa 90 MoP PvP 5.1 – Frost DK Ret Pally – LOW RATED ARENA FUN!

Just a few random low rated arena battles! Monylol (Christian) and Firepowa (Brandon) take on the horde in PvP action destroying the opposition one horde at a time (and sometimes 3 at a time). World of Warcraft 5.1 We’re Too Powerful 90 Ret Paladin and 90 Frost DK Tags:Playthrough Gameplay ” “Playthrough Part” Playstation WoW World of Warcraft Kiirik Monylol Mony Blizzard funny PvP 85 DK Frost Deathknight Paladin Ret Retribution Battleground BG Arena HD “World Of Warcraft (Video Game)”Overpowered Were Too Powerful Warrior Rogue Mage Hunter Level Lvl Warlock Horde Shaman Alliance “Wow World” Hawtbox Shadow Priest Frost Fire Mage Mop Mists of Pandaria

Watch the best WOW Videos and Movies on Warcraft-Video.com

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