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Monylol & Firepowa 90 MoP PvP 5.1 – Frost DK Ret Pally – LOW RATED ARENA FUN!

Just a few random low rated arena battles! Monylol (Christian) and Firepowa (Brandon) take on the horde in PvP action destroying the opposition one horde at a time (and sometimes 3 at a time). World of Warcraft 5.1 We’re Too Powerful 90 Ret Paladin and 90 Frost DK Tags:Playthrough Gameplay ” “Playthrough Part” Playstation WoW World of Warcraft Kiirik Monylol Mony Blizzard funny PvP 85 DK Frost Deathknight Paladin Ret Retribution Battleground BG Arena HD “World Of Warcraft (Video Game)”Overpowered Were Too Powerful Warrior Rogue Mage Hunter Level Lvl Warlock Horde Shaman Alliance “Wow World” Hawtbox Shadow Priest Frost Fire Mage Mop Mists of Pandaria

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Operation Shieldwall Guide Part 1 – Introduction and Opening Quests

Warsmash – – Hit follow and find out when I’m online! Patch 5.1 just hit the live realms and with it came the new faction, Operation Shieldwall. This video will take your through the opening quest chain, introduce you to the new faction and show off some of the sweet new rewards up for grabs.

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WoW MOP: Level 90 | Monk PVP

50 Likes & 50 Comments? :} Yo guys Mustang here and I did some BG’s on my monk and recorded it let me know what you guys think. This is a small series I’m starting. Just really fun clips of BG I manage to record. Mostly showing off some nice monk crits but I’m hoping to record some funny…

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LoL – Silly Ezreal Builds

and talking about all of the possible black cleavers… people be crazy, Also, I honestly feel like league videos are hard to make anything remotly close to how I do wow, I think i just need to make them completely diffrent or they end up akward like the past ones have, toss out ideas :)

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How to be special in WoW

I asked you guys on Facebook, and you wanted a comedy! I did my best and this is what came out of it, even a true story! I hope you like it and if not, feel free to be a retard and flame me ^^ ! It’s about a guy called Dum Gai, he doesn’t know what to do in World of warcraft, so he asks for help. Faxi give him the great idea to get something else noone else have, a Spectral Tiger Mount! He also shows how Dum Gai can get the mount in just a week, with his super (Outdated) gold guide. Have a laugh and Cheers from Faxi / FaxiDerp! ** Music used with personal permission ** Thanks to Glueball Records. Tuen – Spare (Keosni *K-391* Remix) soundcloud.com

Watch the best WOW Videos and Movies on Warcraft-Video.com

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