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Assault on Zan’vess w/ QELRIC and WOWMARTIEAN – “Mists of Pandaria”

“Assault on Zan’vess” is a new scenario on the PTR (patch 5.1). Me and my friend wowmartiean decided to team up and check it out! Thanks for watching, and If you enjoyed this video then please rate it /thumbs up! wowmartiean’s channel: Gameplay footage in this video was provided by him, as mine was borked. Thanks dude! _______________________________________ My blog: qelric.tumblr.com My Facebook: Twitter: ______________________________________ All music in this video is royalty free by Teknoaxe.

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World of Warcaft PvP Warrior (Goblizorra Ft. Oboyi)

Help my channel grow? Subscribe for more and also like if you did and comment your thoughts/question what you want me to do and such stuff i do answer all comments. Welcome to another video guys today im doing some 2v2 with my real life friend we did not know we will get such a high rating from the begining we were just capping and then got 1,9k rating almost 2k mmr i hope you guys enjoy as always subscribe for more like if you did and i see you guys next time ——————————————————————– MUSIC Artist: soundcloud.com facebook.com youtube.com twitter.com Song: Adventure Club – Do I See Color Artist: soundcloud.com Song: UrpleActus – Marina Artist: Song: Miqz – Stay With Me (Techno)

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Sefearion & Lynch -Terraria- Part 1: Guppies, Cheeserolls & Lord Of The Turkey Skulls!

I decided to see what all the hype was about with regards to this game. Now I purchased this game ages ago for myself from Steam but never got around to playing it (It only costs around £6.00!). My partner in crime in this video is a major fan of Minecraft so I thought I’d buy him a copy of Terraria and see how Multi-Player would works out. I’ve never really been one to do any sort of “Let’s Play!” videos so I quickly downloaded a trial version of the recording software (Hence the annoying watermark) and decided to have a little experiment to see how things would play out. I originally intended to keep this video private for my friends to view but meh, might as well advertise this game :) Please bare in mind myself and Lynch are utter newbies to this game and what very little knowledge we have was acquired very hastily from a wiki with the rest being learned along the way. Warcraft Final Fantasy Fans, Drunken PvP Fans, lower the pitchforks please, I’m just having some fun! If you enjoyed this video you should seriously consider buying this game as what you’ve seen so far has barely scratched the surface of what this game has to offer.

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New 1.4 Minecraft Server: 16Chunks + 100 SUBSCRIBERS :D :D

16Chunks Server: (say that Darren sent you) Features: Factions Shop Donations (See Here For More: mtnofficial.net76.net) Creative World Skyblock Drop Parties ## DISCLAIMER ## I DO NOT OWN THE BACKGROUND MUSIC RUNNING FROM 0 TO 3:15. THIS CONTENT IS OWNED BY Walt Ribeiro – Orchestral version of Oh My Dayum. This track was bought by myself (Darren Griffin) from the following link fororchestra.bandcamp.com/track/the-gregory-brothers-oh-my-dayum. This disclaimer verifies that i do not own the content (in this case music) used in the video above. However all the video footage is primary and fully owned by me ## END OF DISCLAIMER ##

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1vs2, Duels, arenas. Thastor Weekly Mist of pandaria arenas 2#

Hope you enjoy :) FB: Thastor on twitter: twitter.com Music produced by TranceCrafter:

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