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wow Rogue lvl 90 pvp guide

Rogue pvp guide and info. Video clips of the macros are used in the end of the video! the macros #showtooltip /cast Premeditation /cast Slice and Dice #showtooltip /cast Shadow Dance /cast Shadow Blades /use (shift click the pvp trinket into here) /use Virmen’s Bite The music is by Feint and the song is called Stray

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WoW MoP – How to Tank for Dummies! – Stone Guard LFR

How to tank the 1st boss of LFR Mogu’Shan Vaults in a few easy steps – Stone Guard.

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125k Subscriber Montage / Thanks! WoW World PvP!

Thank you everyone for 125000 Subscribers! – CONTENT SOON! – Check out Next Level PvP for more in depth gearing guides. twitter.com GET ALL OF facebook.com THE UPDATES! Music by Monstercat – Asus – ASUS ROG Australia YouTube: ROG Australia Facebook:

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World of Warcraft Gamers Get Wild Over Ultrabooks

The Ultrabook™ wowed World of Warcraft gamers by the smooth gameplay of one of the most popular games on the market. Sons and daughters of the horde were amped about the Ultrabook’s lightweight design for on-the-go gaming. From incredible costumes to fans going wild over Ultrabook giveaways, see what all the excitement was about at the Intel and Blizzard Entertainment event. For more information about Blizzard Entertainment, visit: bit.ly Get everything you need for game development to gaming news on Intel Software Adrenaline. bit.ly

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Heart of Fear Boss 1 – Imperial Vizier Zor’lok Guide and Boss overview – MoP – Resto Shaman PoV

We had so many bugged out encounters on this boss, were he wouldn’t transition or just didn’t spawn enough shields for us to get into ect. But we finally downed him with pretty much everyone alive and we had fun in the process:) We all Really enjoyed the fight and cant wait to bring you more encounters from MoP This has been Eleminatór Volatile – Terokkar – EU euvolatile.guildlaunch.com Peace~Out!

Watch the best Warcraft Videos on Warcraft-Video.com

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