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WoW Gold-Making! 10.19.12 AM Morning Routine by Jim Younkin

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“Motivation and Inspiration!” Black Ops: 30/7 FFA on Summit!

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Big Crits – World of Warcraft Reality Show – S5 Ep. 5 Heroic Failures

With raiding Week 2 comes our first foray into hard modes this tier. Unfortunately, we didn’t achieve the results we were hoping for…which lead to some heartache…and anger. How did your raid group do with your first bout of Heroics? Let us know in the comments below. You too can rock it like a Celebrity…Download our theme song, “Celebrity” by All Night Dynamite! amzn.to —————————————————————————————————- Catch all the action on our website: bigcrits.com Interested in applying to the raid team? http Like us on facebook: Follow us on twitter: twitter.com Follow us on Twitch.tv – Check out our tumblr – bigcrits.tumblr.com

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Swift Windsteed Mount Updated

The animations were recently updated since my last video. This is the new Swift Windsteed mount added in patch 5.1 of World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria

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Mists of Pandaria PvP – Wowbaxters – WSG Ownage!

Sorry about the side bars, first time using sony vegas, looked perfect on my screen, but this just looks weird! :S However, I did some rending tests, and I got a perfect one now! Will be better next time! The most epic part ever: 15:15 What’s up everyone! Here’s my first wow video! I really do hope you enjoy it! I will be making more of these all the time, so if you enjoyed it, feel free to subscribe for more! I will also be doing Arena videos as well as anything else that is PvP related! I’ve got some awesome arena mates, and we’ve been kicking some ass! Anyhow, thanks for watching, please like, it helps a lot! I do not own the songs, I do not profit or anything by doing these videos! Neither do I claim to own them! I just use them cause they are awesome! I also really hope no one minds me using them, if there’s a problem, then please contact me, I don’t want any problems, and I really just give you free advertisement! The songs are: 1 (Intro): Disturbed – Down with the Sickness ( 2: Zack Hemsey – This is our Legacy 3: Zack Hemsey – Redemption 4: Zack Hemsey – Mind Heist 5: Wasted Penguinz – Melancholia 6: Wasted Penguinz – Follow Your Dream Zack Hemsey: Wasted Penguinz:

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