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This is War – Enhancement shaman PvP

Whats up guys! I entered the most Epic bg I have ever seen, you will see what I am talking about in the end of the video. The bg probably lasted about 40 mins to an hour. It was INSANE!! This video is mainly for entertainment purposes and nothing more! Thanks guys! Help my channel grow by subscribing! Please leave a like and comment if you enjoyed it really helps! ^.^

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How to Tank for Dummies – Wind Lord Mal’oriak LFR

How to tank the fourth boss in Heart of Fear LFR in a few easy steps – Wind Lord Mal’oriak

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The Weekly Cap – ep 7: Bladestorm Hunter cleave 2v2 arena – WoW: Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.1

}*!*{ TWITTER }*!*{ —— twitter.com }*!*{ FACEBOOK }*!*{ – }*!*{ ADDONS }*!*{ —— Farhan: Intro music from “Epic Rock Instrumental” by Farhan, used with permission ➜ farhan.tgn.tv Outro music was created by me.

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RealRecreation First Montage Trailer: Magnum Opus

Like it! Share it! Facebook: Twitter: twitter.com Composer/Mixer: Magnum opus (plural: magna opera, also opus magnum / opera magna), from the Latin meaning “great work”, refers to the largest, and perhaps the best, greatest, most popular, or most renowned achievement of a writer, artist, composer or craftsman. My first montage, coming January 1st 2013. Subscibe! Keywords: Raw frequency,First Montage,Montage,Attempt,Magnum,Opus,NFS,MoP,Cars,League of Legends,Karthus,Ultimate,Editing,Retribution,Ret Paladin,drift,speed,need,World of Warcraft,LoL,Summoner,Teaser,Trailer,Sony Vegas,Jax,Dominion,Champion,Battleground,Arena,PvP,Dubstep,January,1st,2013,Video Games,Fraps,Recroding,Lanfall,Patch 5.1,WoW,Mists of Pandaria

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URLTV ARMAGEDDON WAS SUPPOSED TO BRING THIS EPIC BATTLE BETWEEN 2 OF THE TOP BATTLE RAPPERS IN THE GAME, T-REX FROM HARLEM, AND DIZASTER FROM CALIFORNIA. UNFORTUNATELY, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN BECAUSE OF THE NYPD AND THE VENUES IN NY NOT SUPPORTING BATTLE RAP. ^LIKE^SUBSCRIBE^WATCH LATER^ADD TO FAVORITES^SHARE, all that please. We’re a new league and youtube page, so we need your support. Thank you. Follow : @B_A_R_S_BattleL @BaronxObama @BronxZu_Animalz @BlackLightBx @PoisonPenDotTv @DjCabin Visit : BronxZuAnimalz.com barsbattleleague.tumblr.com NYCentric.org http soundcloud.com

Watch the best WOW Videos and Movies on Warcraft-Video.com

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