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Best World of Warcraft Strategy Guide List

This are the #1 best strategic guide list for WoW: earn Gold, Addon, Leveling, unlocking rare items, earn achievements, and much more. All are 100% In-Game Guides: Use all of your strategy guides inside World of Warcraft. Check this out: yaeltroywarcraft.blogspot.com

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VLOG: Guilds vs Guildies – Who should carry who?

Reddit Discussion: A bit of a controversy here. A lot of people have expectations of guilds carrying their members, but I think its quite the opposite where the members have to be there for a guild and not expect shit given to them for free

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Rival-WoW Private Server Trailer

Rival-WoW is one of the most authentic Instant 80 PvP & PvE 3.3.5a world of warcraft private servers. We’ve been developing it for quite a while, and we our pleased to announce that our realm will be going live to the public on 11-10-12. Rival-WoW has returned. Are you ready? Website Song used Two Steps from Hell – False King

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World of Warcraft MoP Patch 5.1

Facebook: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Youtube: WoW Blog: us.battle.net Patch Notes 5.1 Video Editing by Psynaps: Machinima Intro by Teagen: Music mixed by Ephixa: Character Tags by Strifium: ——————— Patch Note YouTubers: ——————— Death Knight – Skeetz Druid – Hotted Druid – Idaxiongmaol Druid – Bigmoran Hunter – Vanns Mage – Lothis Monk – Zybak Paladin – Sacredheals Priest – Pacildene Priest – Corbs Rogue – Mercader Shaman – Jonathanlol Warlock – Toastmonster Warrior – Swifty See more of Dara Mactire on YouTube: —————— Video edited with: Adobe After Effecs CS6 Twixtor (AE plugin) VideoCopilot Optical Flares (AE plugin) Cinema 4D (for 3D text) WoW Model Viewer (Machinima)

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Beast Master Hunter Basic DPS Guide 5.0.5

The BM hunter, currently renowned for dominating players is one to give a try, lets take a look at it. Note: the usual demo footage of rotation was corrupted, hence using some gameplay.

Watch the best Warcraft Videos on Warcraft-Video.com

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