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Level 90 Demonology Warlock PvP Movie | Unleash The Demon #1 |

Replying to Cobraks ‘Stay Destro’. Can we get 20 likes :)? Thanks again for 50 subs guys! Let’s carry on growing together! Please enjoy this video, it took hours of editing! Like, subscribe and comment’s are highly appreciated :). ##########TAGS########## LukeTheAlien, Wow, World World Of Warcraft, Priest, Hunter, Death Knight, Monk, Windwalker, Mistweaver, Brewmaster, Mage, fire, frost, Arcane, Mists of Pandaria level 90, Player Vs Player, Swifty Warrior, Bajheera, Fury, Tank PvP, Paladin, Druid, Rogue, Balance PvP, Feral, Restro,Assassination, Subtlety, Sub, Combat, Lvl 90 Warlock, Affliction, Destruction, Destro, Demonology, Guide, PvE, Twink, Warrior Twins, 85-89, Chaos Bolt, Montage, Cobrak, Str8Ac3, PvP Guide, PTR, 60 Twink, 70 Twink, Demonology Crits, Touch of Chaos, Metamorphosis, Dark Apotheosis, Guide, Duels, talents, glyphs, Droodsftw, Stat guide, WoW MoP, Mists of Pandaria, Luke The Alien.

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Multiboxing WoW MoP: 4x Shaman 1x Druid (Level 86)

IoC multiboxing w/the awesome Pwnboxer.com multiboxing software !!! PLEASE CLICK SUBSCRIBE !!! I’m playing on Blackrock-US as Horde in this video and my main name is Timboxxa if you’d like to say hello! We are level 86 and doing BGs. Holy crap there are a ton of bots here! This video was recorded as part of a live video stream which can be seen here http Stop on by and chat with me live while I multibox! For the best multiboxing software, visit here: Pwnboxer.com For multiboxing questions, visit here multiboxing.com Please follow me on Twitter: @StartupTim twitter.com

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WoW MOP 2500 Grind on BG9 Vanguards 1

Showing a grind from 2200 to 2500 on BG9! Make sure to check out Rameses B pages: soundcloud.com ramesesb.bandcamp.com Feel free to like the video if you liked it! Please subscribe to WoWSpotlights for more! Check out Vanguards pages at: Facebook: Facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com

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How to make your Razer Naga Last

Follow me on twitter: twitter.com Like me on facebook: My Addons: Intro music from “Epic Rock Instrumental” by Farhan, used with permission ➜ farhan.tgn.tv The outro music was created by me.

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Sacredheals – “Deep Freeze: My Nemesis.”

Thumbs up to support this vid! :D Patch 5.1 is bringing some great changes in my opinion (like Mage nerfs!) What changes are you most looking forward to? In case you guys are thinking about playing double healer DK, it IS a viable comp still. These losses were all against very good teams, some 2300+. Me, Reinhart, and Skunks got 2200 just last night: tinyurl.com Music: Approaching Nirvana – Shadows’ Vigilante Permission to use was given. For More WoW Videos:

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