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Borderlands 2 The Warrior Fast Farming with CC Best weapon in the game

Wanted to make a new vid of me farming the warrior with cc+bee. And how i get to the warrior ninja style! More info: Best Borderlands 2 Weapon What’s the best weapon really depends on what’s best for your class and play style. However, there is a weapon that is considered the best weapon in Borderlands 2. It’s a shotgun called Conference Call. There are many other variations of the gun too, such as: Conference Call, Restructuring Conference Call, Social Conference Call, Reactive Conference Call, Proacticable Conference Call, Critical Conference Call, Potential Conference Call, and Practicable Conference Call All of them share one common factor — the special effect red text that says “Let’s just ping everyone at once.” This adds a special secret effect that makes it so the shotgun shoots extra shots that go horizontally towards the enemy, thus covering a lot of ground and doing increased damage. You can get this shotgun by killing The Warrior at the location: Vault of the Warrior. Farm him over and over. This IS a rare loot drop so it could take you many tries.

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Haptik – 5.0.5 Protection Warrior FC PvP Trinket Guide for Rated Battlegrounds MoP

some talk about prot warrior pvp in mists of pandaria COMMENT!!!

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Mists of Pandaria ★ Leveling to 89 in Townlong Steppes!

Leveling to 89 was a blast! It took a little longer since the quests were very spread apart. The exp was amazing though! Expect new videos soon! Hope you enjoyed! Glad you watched it (: Please comment, thumbs, and subscribe for more videos! Please leave a comment suggesting me video ideas, commentary tips. Thanks for watching! Please Follow me on twitter : twitter.com/AkiraDubstep Please check out my Facebook Fan page : Check out this site to earn free NX, WoW Gametime Cards and much much more! PrizeRebel : SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, THUMBS UP!

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WoW: Fun 2’s With Cyber (warrior/Ret pally)

Todays video is going to be some really fun 2;s that i did with Cyber i hope you enjoy them! GALARNS STUFF TO CHECK OUT: __________________________________ ▏ Youtube Channel: ▏ Twitch Livestream: twitch.tv ▏ Facebook: ▏ twitter: ———————————-

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MoP Mutilate Rogue 90 lvl PVP

Автор (Author) – Твиггис (Twiggy) Риалм (Realm) – Ясеневый Лес (Ashenvale) Addons: Rogue ToolBar, OmniCC, NiceDamage 1st WoW video with my favourite character – orc female rogue. Create this 3 hours. Oh…tub suck my video quality…sure :(

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