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Setting up my video room :D

Blizzard News Tomorrow and WoW Insider on Friday Songs: Tee shirts & stuff: tradechat.spreadshirt.com My vlog channel: My DIY channel: Get 15% off your hood when you use code PINKPANSER at checkout: Twitter twitter.com Facebook: My PC is from: tinyurl.com Intro Music used with permission from artist: Intro created by:

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Another compilation of my pally pvp gameplay. I have more gear, so this is more ownage. Hope you enjoy!

Watch the best Warcraft Videos on Warcraft-Video.com

Usefull PvP Addons for Mists of Pandaria: Shadowflay Shadow Priest PvP 5.0.5

You guys requested an addon video, so i made one! In this video i list which addons i use. I use the client Wowmatrix to get my addons Prat- chat addon Quartz- cast addon Bartender4- action bar addon Tidyplates- name plate addon Battleground targets- useful bg and rbg addon Arena announcer- useful in arenas Gladius- needed in arenas cooldowncounter- displays a yellow countdown on the skill MikScrollingbattle text- addon to fix the combat text Killingspree- voice announcer for killing blows

Watch the best Warcraft Videos on Warcraft-Video.com

Garalon 10 man normal – guide – tips and tricks Tank PoV in the Heart of Fear

Garalon 10m normal – guide – in the Heart of Fear tips and tricks for the rest of us by a regularly geared team – This video goes over the tips a non world first / regular raiding guild used to down this boss. I hope you find it useful. If you have tips/tricks to add, please add them to the comments. Lets help each other out. Watch the stream Tue/Thur/Sun @ 7 server here – twitch.tv

Watch the best Warcraft Videos on Warcraft-Video.com

Mists of Pandaria PvP: Demonology Warlock 3v3 vs TSG (Rank 1 / Glads)

Mists of Pandaria 3v3 Match vs Rank 1 Death Knight Glady Warrior Shammy. Like the vid guys! Join Next Level PvP with me: Follow me on Twitter twitter.com Follow me on Facebook: MonsterCatMedia: Streetmusic 2009 – Neilio

Watch the best Warcraft Videos on Warcraft-Video.com

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