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The Horde is Family – World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.1

Thrall wants you to escort him to the Echo Isles to investigate. Check out the entire questline here: ———— Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. ——————- [License to Use content] “Blizzard Entertainment strongly supports the efforts of its community members who produce community videos (referred to hereafter as a “Production”) using video images, footage, music, sounds, speech, or other assets from Blizzard’s copyrighted products (“Blizzard Content”), subject to a few conditions.” [Commercial Rights] **Blizzard Entertainment reserves the right to use its products for all commercial purposes. The only (exceptions to this rule) are if you participate in partner programs with YouTube.** us.blizzard.com **World of Warcraft®: Mists of Pandaria® ©2012 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. Mists of Pandaria is a trademark, and World of Warcraft, Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the US and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Lets Play World of Warcraft Episode 177

Thanks for watching the video, please hit the LIKE button if you enjoyed. You can find all previous episodes in the playlist here: ~ FOLLOW ME & SUBSCRIBE: ▏ Facebook: ▏ Twitter: twitter.com ▏ YouTube: ▏ Livestream:

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AnotherMorpher Model Edit, Guide with Examples [For WoW 4.0.3/4.0.6/4.1.0]

I hope you come to understand how it works! This software is similar to EverMorph and tMorph, but does not support any version of the game above version Here you can see me using some of the features this morpher has, in WoW 4.0.6. This thing is perfect for Cataclysm private servers since it lets you enjoy playing even more. Download at: adf.ly Direct Download(WoW 4.0.6): adf.ly There are also more instructions there. At the moment I only have a download link for version 4.0.6, and the download links on the official AnotherMorpher post are pointing to megaupload which was taken down a while ago. This program works on the 32-bit version of WoW only. (Versions, 4.0.3/4.0.6/4.1.0). To find the Display ID of an item/NPC you got to be at the wowhead page of it, right-click and choose “view source” or “view source code”. There you have to search for “displayId” by pressing CTRL-F, and then you will find the display ID of the item/NPC next to the marked text. If you were searching for morphers for a newer version of the game, tMorph or EverMorph is probably the morphers you are searching for. TMorph requires you to play with the 64-bit version though, but EverMorph doesn’t support MoP at all. Link to tMorph, which has MoP support: adf.ly (Supports the newest patch) Link to EverMorph (Supports WoW 4.3): adf.ly My equipment sets: adf.ly Spectral Tiger Mount: /console mount 21974 The song used in this video can be found at: adf.ly

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Arena 3v3 – Resto Druid Ft. Mage & Warrior, By Slezas – WoW MoP

Hey guys, i’m playing some 3s with these guys today. Just playing some for fun. We are playing a really good comp. And its ofc: Mage, Warrior & Resto Druid. I hope you enjoy my Arena gameplay. Thanks for watching guys! Join The Crib/Subscribe: Armory – Monk: eu.battle.net Armory – Druid: eu.battle.net Facebook: Livestream: Char Name: Slezasop Stormscale Eu Horde.

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