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World Of Warcraft – Pandaren Monk – Ep. 04 – Level 15-20 – RedstoneNightmare

Hello everyone! This is the series where we explore the beautiful World of Warcraft! I’m leveling up a pandaren monk to prepare for all the adventures this game brings to us! Hope you enjoy:) Music by Kevin McLeod: incompetech.com Like me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Support me with a little donation: TGN-Website

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World of Warcraft Mist of Pandaria Part 1 The beginning 10- Day free trial

( I apologise for the black screens, turns out xsplit doesnt like the streamer. The next videos will be when it is finished updating so there should be no problems) I return to World of Warcraft to try out the new expansion Mist of Pandaria on there 10 day free trial. Typhara Links _________________ Facebook – TwitchTV – Twitter –

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PTR = no idea with the lag -ALLY version unfinished- The Pandaren Campaign begins! The conflict between the Horde and the Alliance has ignited a new series of daily quests along the shore of the Krasarang Wilds. Players can visit their faction strongholds in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms to begin the quest to summon their war fleets to the continent of Pandaria. ***(Please note: The Alliance version of this quest is not yet complete, but will still unlock the new missions and features). Players will both valiantly defend their faction’s outpost and assault the opposing faction’s headquarters. Two new Reputations have been added: Alliance players can earn reputation with Operation: Shieldwall, while Horde players will curry favor with the Dominance Offensive. Players can slay rival NPCs and opposing faction players along the shore to earn commissions that can be spent to upgrade their faction’s base. Look for strategic objectives to capture, including graveyards and towers. Commissions can be spent to recruit guards that will help protect this captured territory! Players who are truly dedicated to their faction can spend their commissions on an item that will give their fellows an extra reputation group quest for the day. Horde players can speak with Ongrom Black Tooth, while Alliance players can contact Proveditor Grantley for details. us.battle.net

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Mists of Pandaria – Brawler’s Guild / Brawl’gar Arena Preview

Just a quick look at what you can expect the new addition, the Brawler’s Guild, to be like, as well as the locations for horde and alliance, and a little look at what items are currently available from the vendor. ——————- Leaving a Like / Favourite is much appreciated and helps me a great deal, and it’s free! You should also share your thoughts below in the comments, sharing is caring! ;D If you didn’t like this video, leave me a comment / message about why. Feedback is the best way to improve future content. If you want to stay up to date with the craziness and potential usefulness remember to Subscribe! That’s free too! :3 Thanks for watching folks! ——————- Stay connected! Facebook: Twitter: twitter.com ——————- Royalty Free Music by audiomicro.com

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Disturbing Video Game Music 47: Sha – Spirits of Hatred (Choir)

I was recommended this theme by one of my fellow admins on The Chaos Theatre, Psychotic Nekomata. From World of Warcraft’s Mists of Pandaria expansion, this unnerving choir plays whenever you encounter the Sha demons. These are beings that thrive and feed off negative emotions, and this choir, fittingly enough, evokes a tremendous sense of dread and fear. There are more themes that play when around the Sha, but these choir tracks are the ones that best capture the essence of these abominations.

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