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Epic Feral Druid 3v3 Arena [ft. BurstcraftGaming]

THUMB UP TO SUPPORT ZENON! ==================================== Hey Guys, today I show you a funny game I had w/ burst and friend! Burst’s Channel: Any Comments, Suggestions, or Questions, send me a PM. I get back to it 100% of the time. Thanks, Xenon Important Information: If you enjoyed the video, please share it with your friends! Currently the only way I’m getting views is by the awesomeness of my wonderful viewers. I upload lots of WoW Montages, Commentaries, Guides for my Feral Druid and my 19 Twinks. So yeah, subscribe to me broskies! ==================================== Credits: ★Youtube channel: ★Twitter: twitter.com ★Facebook: ★Click this link: tinyurl.com ★GunHo Referal Link: ★Donations are Accepted, but are PURELY optional. All money made from it is taken and spent on upgrades to PC, Software, and Giveaways. Thus going back to you guys! (tinyurl.com Free Music from: machinimasound.com The free music by Machinimasound is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. (creativecommons.org ===================================

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The Strolling Undead (WoW Machinima)

If The Walking Dead were set in Azeroth… Stalk me on the Twitters and the Facebooks! Thanks to Pirtuk, Aislyn, and LilAis for voice acting, and to Short for “meet me in Elwyn Forest dressed like a child in a zombie apocalypse.” The song in the outro is “Scene Kids Hate Ska” by i9incher, and you can listen to it or download it here: Royalty Free Music by audiomicro.com

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So much for “The End”…

Soooo i kinda just wanted to make a video.. This is a bit of a comedy video rather then serious arena as i haven’t done any serious arena in the short times I’ve logged onto WoW recently. However 5.2 patch notes is looking promising and will seriously consider bringing out Alot of serious game footage post 5.2. So i hope you guys keep watching and commenting below! Here’s a song list! Song 1 – Just Close Your Eyes – Taylor Swift Song 2 – Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji – Pressure (Alesso Remix) Song 3 – Modestep – To The Stars

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Lets talk Monk: 5.2

(Please read)This video contains small input on the Windwalker monk changes! Two more videos will be posted with my opinions and how I think it will work later tonight. also a Lets talk “Storm,Earth, and Fire”. I will also be looking for a MW monk and BM monk to talk about the few changes that are coming to them as a spec.

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★ Minecraft – 1.4.6 Hacked Client – iPvP Remade – Superman

=-=-=-=-=-Video Info and DOWNLOAD-=-=-=-=-= ★ Minecraft – 1.4.6 Hacked Client – iPvP Remade – Superman â-¼ More Info/Download Link: ➜ supermanmods.freeforums.org â-¼ Tutorial – How-to Install Hacked Clients: ➜ â-¥ Hacked Client Library: ➜ supermanmods.freeforums.org ☠ Client by: ZRBTeam =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Click “Like” and “Favorite” if you like this video. Helps me make more! Tell me what you think in the comments below. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ╔═══╖───────────────────╔═╖╔═╖────╔╖─╔╖──╔╦╖─╔╖ ╒╔═╖╒───────────────────╒╒╚╝╒╒────╒╒─╒╚╖╔╝╒╒─╒╒ ╒╚══╦╖╔╦══╦══╦═╦╖╔╦══╦═╖╒╔╖╔╖╠══╦═╝╠═╩╖╒╒╔╣╚═╝╒ ╚══╖╒╒╒╒╔╖╒╒═╣╔╣╚╝╒╔╖╒╔╖╣╒╒╒╒╒╔╖╒╔╖╒══╣╚╝╒╚══╖╒ ╒╚═╝╒╚╝╒╚╝╒╒═╣╒╒╒╒╒╔╖╒╒╒╒╒╒╒╒╒╚╝╒╚╝╠══╠╖╔╝───╒╒ ╚═══╩══╣╔═╩══╩╝╚╩╩╩╝╚╩╝╚╩╝╚╝╚╩══╩══╩══╝╚╝────╚╝ ───────╒╒ ───────╚╝

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