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Huge Early start In Twin Peaks Patch 5.0.5 / 5.1.0 [HD]

I do not take any credit for the song played in this video! Watch in HD!!! This is how you get outside of the starting rooms in Twin peaks for a HUGE head start. This is a lot of fun to do cause the other faction is like wtf. This works on both Horde and Alliance sides, its a bit harder on the alliance side, but its doable. Video for alliance side coming soon. Be careful you might get reported. Just use the puntable marmot like I do in the video. Song is by the talented violinist Lindsey Stirling Elements – Lindsey Stirling

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Akunic Frost DK battle ground montage

Just some doing some Random battle grounds on my frost death knight i hop you enjoy make sure you like, subscribe , favourite and share :)

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Arena 2v2 – WW Monk Ft. RShaman – Wuut!: By Slezasop – WoW MoP

Hey guys and welcome back. Today i’m play some 2v2 with a Resto Shaman. I just recorded these clips from some 2v2 i made yesterday. I’m testing out how Monks is working with a healer in 2s atm. So i hope you enjoy, thanks for watching guys! Join The Crib/Subscribe: Armory: eu.battle.net Facebook: Livestream: Char Name: Slezasop Stormscale Eu Horde.

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WoW Patch 5.1 PTR: Dominance Offensive Part 12 – Baine Bloodhoof !!

Another Horde Leader emerges from the shadows leaving just the Dark Lady to make an appearance in this storyline !! Please Like, Comment and Subscribe to my Channel and follow me on Twitter (@heelvsbabyface) and “Like” my Facebook page too !!

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Warcraft – Scarlet Monastery Part 1

Now that I am level 90, it’s time to look at the new heroics in Mists of Pandaria! Some are brand new and some are revamps. Best viewing in 1080p! Enjoy Visit my channel: ♪ Royalty Free Music by Kevin MacLeod: incompetech.com

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